If you could save money every month on your energy bill, reduce the drafts in your home, breathe cleaner, healthier air, and increase the value of your home, where would you start?

Having an incomplete seal inside your home is like turning up the heat and opening all the windows. 

It's more than likely that your home was improperly insulated or your insulation has failed to seal properly and you are losing money every month with higher energy bills.  

     The Solution?

KV TECH Coporation is the leading insulation and air sealing company in Northern Wisconsin; offering exceptional comfort in your home, unbeatable energy savings and lifelong durability. Just a few of the many benefits of hiring KV TECH  are:          

▪ Comfort in your home
    ▪ Smaller and smaller energy bills
        ▪ Quiter house
             ▪ An investment that pays you back
                  ▪ Hometown company you can Trust

Save up to 50% on your energy bill
Enough air escapes a typical house 
every day 
to fill 
2 Goodyear blimps.

   We will gladly visit you to discuss the many options of insulating your building and provide a personalized estimate based on your specific needs. Our estimates are free and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Call us today to set up an appointment.
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Steam Removal of Ice Dams! Now available from KV TECH!
Call today to get the removal of your ice dams scheduled. This is the only guaranteed damage free way to remove Ice Dams, and we are fully insured to further protect you from risk. 

Click here to read a great Star Tribune article on ice dam removal methods. 

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